Google’s Find My Device icon gets a makeover ahead of big feature launch


  • Google is developing a stuff-tracking solution called the Finder Network to compete with Apple and Tile’s location-tracking services.
  • The updated icon for Google’s Find My Device app features abstract fan-like shapes that represent scanning and pinpointing lost objects.
  • The new version of the app could have additional features, including temporarily sharing device locations and editing contact information for accessories.

With most people losing their belongings almost on a regular basis, it’s no surprise that there’s been a sudden surge of Bluetooth tracking devices on the market. Thankfully, tech companies are also building out their own tracking networks. Google is one company that’s been looking into a stuff-tracking solution that uses its massive network of Android devices. When it rolls out, the new Finder network, as it’s aptly called, will expand the platform and bring it more in line with Apple and Tile’s location-tracking services. Ahead of its release, Google seems to have revamped the app’s icon with a more visually appealing look and theme.

As spotted by Android Police founder Artem Russakovskii, version 3.0.046-4 of Find My Device shows off an updated icon wearing Google’s colors, which include shades of blue, green, yellow, and red. We first caught a glimpse of the new icon back in June, when it appeared in a notification you get on your phone when you or someone else looks for a missing device.

It replaces the old green map pin engulfing a phone. Moreover, the new icon is more abstract, with two fan-like shapes that help to convey the idea of scanning and pinpointing. The updated design also looks like radar waves or sonar pings.

This is a fitting change, as the new Find My Device app will soon be able to track more devices, including Bluetooth trackers, apparently. So, in a way,

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WhatsApp makes navigating Communities easier with a new icon


  • WhatsApp is frequently adding new features to catch up with rivals like Telegram, with recent updates including a Discord-style general chat room and message editing for community admins.
  • The latest update introduces a visual overhaul for the community icon, using a stack of cards to signify the presence of group chats within the community.
  • WhatsApp is aiming to bring together community announcement groups and community groups under one roof in a future update, making it easier for users to navigate through their various chats in one window.

WhatsApp’s set of features is ever-growing, though one would say the platform is largely playing catch up to rival services like Telegram in terms of feature additions. The official rollout of WhatsApp Communities commenced last November, and the Meta-owned service has left no stone unturned in refining its functionality since then. Thanks to WhatsApp’s flourishing beta program for Android, we’ve picked up several clues about future updates to communities, including a Discord-style general chat room plus a message editing feature for community admins, among others. The folks at WhatsApp are making another change to communities in the form of a visual overhaul for its avatar/icon.

With this new beta update, the community icon features a stack of cards behind it, supposedly to indicate that this community has some group chats in it. While WABetaInfo claims this update is part of WhatsApp beta for Android v2.23.20.3, the site notes that some beta testers with versions and may also see this in action.

WhatsApp Community Stack Icon

As WABetaInfo puts it, this visual tweak aligns with WhatsApp’s plans to bring together the community announcement group and community groups under one roof, providing an easier means for people to navigate through their various chats from one window.

This minor change in the display image also makes

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Twitter app icon updated to ‘X’? Here’s how to revert back

Here’s the crux of the article in video form:

New updates are being added at the bottom of this story…….

Original story (published on July 28, 2023) follows:

Twitter has completely changed recently and the most noticeable change is the new logo, which is a simple ‘X’.

Some people love the new logo, saying it’s a more modern and minimalist design while the majority hate it, saying it’s boring and lacks personality.

Twitter app icon updated to ‘X’ on Android

Now, Twitter has rolled out an updated app icon, denoted as ‘X,’ for its Android users. However, a substantial number of Twitter Android users expressed their disapproval of the new updated icon ‘X’ (1,2,3,4,5,6,7).

Twitter app icon updated to X

The complaints are primarily centered around the icon being less appealing, characterized as ‘ugly’. For others it doesn’t resonates with the Twitter brand they were accustomed to.

Negative feedback on social media platforms, including Twitter itself, is swift and vocal. Users vented their frustrations, voicing their dissatisfaction and concerns about the new design.

Some users even threatened to uninstall the app if they were forced to adopt the new icon, signaling the emotional attachment that some have towards old logo.

Wake up and trying to figure out when I downloaded a app named “X” lol what the heck is this? 😵‍💫 Had me pressing the icon like 🫣

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone, saw the new “X” app icon and for a moment I wondered where I got malware on my phone. Are we all just going to continue calling this twitter?

The implementation also seems to be a bit inconsistent. Some users are getting the icon but the app is still called Twitter, while

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Google found a new icon for Find My Device

The service can now also notify you if your device’s location was accessed

Find My Device is Google’s answer to Apple’s Find My network, making it easy to spot where you left your phone behind, complete with the option to remotely erase it. The service is supposed to get some big upgrades, with Google working on the option to find devices even when they’re offline, but first, the app is in for a small facelift. Find My Device is getting a new icon that’s right in line with the colorful rest of the Google apps.

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The new icon shows up in a notification you get on your phone when you or someone else looks for a missing device, as Mishaal Rahman shares with us via a tip he received from Google News Telegram channel founder Nail Sadykov. The findings are corroborated by 9to5Google. The new logo is a circle flanged by two fan-like shapes, appearing in the colors of the Google logo. It replaces the phone-centric green logo of old, which shows a handset in a pin.

It’s likely that the branding tweak was made for two reasons: For one, the new logo isn’t explicitly tied to phones anymore, which the service itself also isn’t. For another, the redesigned icon is much more in line with the rest of the Google apps, making it clearer that the service belongs to Google. The rebranding makes sense when you consider that Google is making it more powerful, allowing you to find more device types and even devices that are offline in the future.

Find My Device’s current logo

Speaking of the

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The Play Retail outlet reinstates icon pack applications immediately after suspending them for currently being ‘repetitive’

How does Google know what repetitive content is?

The Google Play Store’s automated application compliance evaluation regime is weird. It is really produced some odd, inexplicable phone calls that have resulted in trustworthy builders and publishers who assumed they have been adhering to the principles all this time acquiring their product sales suspended. As they shuffle code close to to get around the roadblock and file appeals, they may end up heading weeks, if not months devoid of vital income. Now, we can add an additional dispute to the pile — this a person involving the designer of some beloved icon packs.


Grabster Studios took to Reddit to highlight their plight on the Participate in Retailer as Google has suspended two icon packs that are variants on their Reev Pro style and design: Reev Darkish and Reev Chroma.


The applications have been faulted for violating the Repetitive Information plan that was recognized in 2018 — it’s intended to reduce material from apps or the application alone from currently being copied and offered more than and above once again, no matter if it can be a publisher striving to capitalize on a 1-strike ponder or an aged-fashioned plagiarist.

If you happen to be an icon pack purveyor as Android’s customization lifestyle allows for, you can know that artists will sell a style and design in different colorways as independent apps with substantially of the window dressing carbon-copied — this consists of the app description text likely by way of compatibility with launcher applications and other tedium as well as the in-app interface. Grabster cites Edzon Diaz’s Linebit sequence, JustNewDesign’s LineX lineup, and Noodlelines from Fishy Studios as illustrations.

The developer suggests that in get to comply with the policy, Google told them

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