5 Must-Have Android Auto Apps Everybody Must Download Right Now

As such, it’s no surprise that Android Auto has become a common feature in new cars, as customers are particularly interested in phone projection support when ordering a new model.

In fact, Apple’s numbers support this trend. The iPhone maker says nearly 80 percent of new car buyers in the United States wouldn’t even consider getting a vehicle that doesn’t support CarPlay. The same should also be valid for Android Auto, as cars that run CarPlay also ship with support for Google’s app.

By default, Android Auto comes with a pre-loaded app lineup that should help users run the essential tasks behind the wheel. The navigation experience is powered by Google Maps, while YouTube is in charge of music playback. Google Assistant is integrated into Android Auto to power the hands-free interaction with the app.

However, while some users would stick with the default set of apps just fine, the Android Auto experience can be significantly enhanced using third-party solutions available on the Google Play Store. Here are the top five applications every Android Auto user must try out right now.


Google Maps is the native navigation app on Android and Android Auto, but Waze is, without a doubt, the top alternative right now.

Thanks to the crowdsourcing system that allows users to send traffic reports, Waze finds faster routes to the destination while also making the road more predictable.

The big difference between Google Maps and Waze is the traffic reporting system. Users can flag the location of a wide array of incidents, such as accidents, traffic jams, roadkill, and potholes. The other motorists are then getting warnings when going through the same spots.

Waze does not support offline navigation, as it needs a permanent Internet connection to download traffic data and generate alternative routes. Waze already supports

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Must-have apps for 2023 [Video]

Android TV is one of Google’s best-kept secrets in many ways. It is the powerhouse for untold smart TVs, projectors, and home theater setups all over the globe and Google doesn’t shout about it enough. With just a few apps Android TV can be even better.

We’re going beyond Netflix, YouTube, and the default Android TV apps here. Everyone has different streaming services available in their respective regions, so it would be unfair to recommend various platforms if not everyone can get them. We’re instead focusing on apps that most people can use and improve their TV viewing experience without requiring extra fees or paying for functionality.

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TV Bro

There aren’t too many browsers that work well with Android TV when using a remote or your phone. TV Bro is actually our top pick for that reason and doesn’t require a mouse, keyboard or other peripheral to work properly on your TV.

Sure, it’s not the most attractive. It’s purely functional and the UI is basic at best. Complaints aside, it is the best way to browse the web on a large-screen device with a remote. The in-built cursor support is so much more helpful than wildly tapping around trying to get interfaces working correctly on a big display. The quick links are a nice option, and you can easily get to common pages or set a home screen for faster navigation.

Send Files to TV

In conjunction with a good file management app, you should definitely take a look at Send Files to TV. This app is a godsend when you want to send and receive files between your Android TV devices and your smartphone. Normally, it’s a laborious process that requires cables and even USB drives or SD cards to

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