The World’s Number One OBD2 App for Android Now Available on Android Auto With a Catch

OBD2 apps are slowly but surely making their way to Android Auto, but a skilled developer has managed to bring the world’s best OBD2 solution for Android to the infotainment screen.
Data imported from Torque on Android Auto
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Photo: Bogdan Popa/autoevolution/AA Torque

The Android Auto plugin for Torque does exactly what its name suggests. It displays data from Torque right on the infotainment screen running Android Auto. The best feature is the support for custom PIDs, so you can have virtually any data in any car as long as you configure a PID and set up the app to import it on Android Auto.

The plugin is currently a work in progress, with anyone allowed to contribute to the project on GitHub. It includes themes, fonts, icons, and backgrounds to customize the interface, allowing users to create up to ten dashboards.

One of the most special features is the support for control knobs, so you can also use the app in Mazda cars.

Installing the plugin in the car isn’t as easy as pressing the “install” button on the Google Play Store, as the process requires several extra steps, including enabling the developer mode in Android Auto and the installation of the plugin using Kingstaller. You also need Torque Pro on your device, as the plugin must import the PIDs from the app.

Torque has long been the best OBD2 app for Android despite the Google Play Store now offering several advanced alternatives. Torque’s main selling point is the gigantic community and larger collection of custom PIDs, though many competing applications introduced similar functionality, including support for Torque PIDs.

The number of apps available on Android Auto keeps growing, especially as Google unlocks new categories. The search giant recently announced the debut of Zoom and WebEx by Cisco, two productivity apps that allow users

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WhatsApp’s Phone Number Privacy Feature for Communities Reportedly Rolling Out to Android, iOS Beta Testers

WhatsApp is reportedly rolling out a new privacy-focused feature for community members. The new functionality previously said to be in testing would let users hide their phone numbers while joining a community. The feature called “phone number privacy”, is reportedly available to all Android and iOS beta testers. With this, users can participate in conversations and show their reactions to messages by hiding their names and phone numbers from other members of the community. The Meta-owned instant messaging app has not officially revealed when it intends to make the phone number privacy feature live for all users.

As per a report by WhatsApp features tracker WABetainfo, WhatsApp has released a phone number privacy feature for communities for all Android and iOS beta testers. It is said to be available for all Android and iOS beta testers with WhatsApp beta for Android version and iOS beta version for iOS respectively.

With this feature, the phone number of the user can be hidden from all members while joining a community. At present, the community participants list is already hidden in the community announcement group, but if a user interacts with messages through reactions, their phone number would be revealed. The new phone number privacy feature will ensure that your contact number will remain out of sight of other participants in the Community even while adding reactions to a message.

The report also includes a screenshot showing the phone number privacy feature for communities, giving users an idea of what it might look like when it starts widely rolling out. It can be accessed from the ‘Community announcement group info’. While turning on this feature, WhatsApp alerts users that their number will stay hidden from other participants except for the community admin and the members who have already saved their contact

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