Leveraging Digital Marketing to Grow e-Commerce Platform & Advertising Operations as Sector Online Channel Expands


Online alcohol beverage sales expected to continue to increase…

Founded in January 2021, LQR House Inc. (NASDAQ:LQR) is an emerging company that operates a growing online marketplace in the wine and spirits e-commerce space to facilitate overall sales and promote various brands. The company’s e-commerce platform is CWSpirits.com. LQR House is the company’s marketing agency focused on the alcohol industry. LQR is executing a strategy to become the go-to online source for alcohol brands. Some 44% of alcohol purchases were made online in 2020, according to IWSR Drinks Market Analysis, up from a pre-pandemic 19% in 2019. The company believes this bodes well for its strategy.

The company’s digital marketing activities are conducted through LQR House, while e-commerce is operated through the CWS platform. LQR is pursuing a three-pronged strategy built on three key pillars: e-commerce; growing its product portfolio and marketing emerging brands. The strategy includes providing full-service digital marketing and brand development services to brands in the alcohol sector. The company expects revenue to continue to grow as consumer awareness of the platform increases and as it expands the number of brands in its marketing portfolio. Moreover, the company’s strategy is to complement this anticipated organic growth with strategic M&A, including the potential purchase of and / or investments in marketing clients that might benefit from becoming a majority-owned LQR subsidiary.

To become what the company calls the “digital face of the alcohol space,” LQR is developing the infrastructure to offer a one-stop-shop of service and solutions to help alcohol and spirits brands grow and to make CWSpirits.com a leading platform for consumer engagement and purchases in the competitive alcohol industry. To boost brand visibility and drive consumer demand, the company uses a variety of marketing tools, including promotional activities leveraging a growing network of more than

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The Advertising Club collaborates with MICA to introduce online programme on performance marketing, ET BrandEquity

<p>The Advertising Club </p>
The Advertising Club

The Advertising Club has announced a partnership with India’s marketing and communication management institute, MICA – The School of Ideas, for an online programme on performance marketing.

Kickstarting in January 2024, the collaborative initiative is aimed towards empowering individuals with industry-relevant skills and knowledge through a specially curated leadership and management development module on performance marketing, the club stated in a press release.

The programme is designed to help experienced professionals as well as freshers develop contemporary need of the hour capabilities that employers are seeking in order to maintain their competitive advantage, it added.

The 36 hours intense live online programme is curated in a workshop format by the industry and academic experts and will include a significant level of self-study. Designed for advertising and marketing professionals, creative specialists, digital marketing experts, and learning enthusiasts, the performance marketing programme will include live teaching sessions, self-learning, group-learning and will culminate with an evaluation which will include assessments, presentations and quizzes, the club stated.

Spanning nine weeks, the programme will cover the basics and advanced technicalities of performance marketing, social media marketing, display advertising, email and affiliate marketing, SEO and SEM, targeting and audience segmentation, Generative AI, machine learning and much more, ensuring a holistic learning experience, it added.

Speaking on the partnership with MICA, Rana Barua, president, The Advertising Club said, “The landscape of the MarTech industry is constantly evolving. With this programme, we aim to provide a platform for freshers and experienced professionals, and empower them to upskill their knowledge, thereby becoming industry ready. We believe this collaboration will foster learning, transform careers, inspire creativity, and ultimately elevate standards within our industry.”

Mayank Kumar, professor at MICA, further said, “At MICA, we unravel the intricate layers of Performance Marketing, offering a panoramic view of its evolution

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Web Marketing Association’s 22nd IAC Awards to Name Best Online Advertising Campaigns

Boston, MA, November 01, 2023 –(PR.com)– The Web Marketing Association announces the international Call for Entries for its esteemed 22nd annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards. Recognized as the pioneering award dedicated to online advertising, the IAC Awards are designed to honor the most innovative and creative online advertising campaigns in the industry.

Key Details:

Award Program: 22nd Annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards
Scope: Celebrating brilliance across various online advertising mediums in 86 different industry categories.
Entry Portal: www.iacaward.org
Submission Deadline: January 31, 2024

A Word from Leadership: William Rice, President of the Web Marketing Association, emphasizes the role of the awards: “In our ever-evolving digital landscape, online advertising stands as the cornerstone of marketing success. The IAC Awards are not just a hallmark of recognition but a testament to the dedication, creativity, and prowess of industry professionals.”

Who Should Apply? The competition welcomes entries from all corners of the industry, be it ad agencies, corporate marketing departments, small business owners or individual professionals.

Judging Criteria: The entries will undergo rigorous assessment from multiple industry expert judges on various criteria including on creativity, innovation, impact, design, copywriting, and use of the medium.

Award Advertising Medium Categories:

Best Social Media Campaign
Best Online ad & Campaign (including banner, pop-up or interstitial)
Best Email message & Campaign
Best Online newsletter & Campaign
Best Website (including best landing pages and best microsites)
Best Online video
Best Mobile applications
Best Voice Skills or Actions
Best Integrated ad campaign

Industry Categories:

Advertising | Advocacy | Airline | Architecture | Arts | Associations | Automobile | B2B | Bank | Beverage | Biotechnology | Blockchain | Blog | Catalog | Computer: Hardware | Computer: Software | Construction | Consulting | Consumer Goods | Cooking and Recipe | Credit Union | Crypto Currency | Design |

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Why Google on trial is the pivotal moment that could shape the future of online advertising

When the U.S. government faces off against Google in court later today, it will be the start of the first significant attempt to rein in a major tech giant in a generation. If the Department of Justice manages to pull this off, it could really shake things up for Google, possibly giving its rivals a chance to grab a bigger slice of the pie in what used to be Google’s stronghold: search advertising.

Whether this happens depends on if Judge Amit P. Mehta believes that Google played a bit dirty by cutting deals with Apple, telco companies and other device makers to be the automatic search engine to users on their platforms and tech. The U.S. government argues that this strategy has harmed fair competition, effectively locking Google into a dominant 80 percent or higher market share in search.

Key dates for trial

Tuesday, September 12, 2023:

Tuesday September 12 – Friday October 6, 2023:
Parties opening statements
DOJ’s Case-in-Chief

Tuesday October 9 – Tuesday October 24, 2023:
(Colorado) State AGs Case-in-Chief

Wednesday October 25 – Wednesday November 15, 2023:
Google’s Case-in-Chief

Thursday November 16 – Friday November 17, 2023:

Friday January 26, 2024 (estimated):
File Post-trial briefs & PFOF (estimation based on scheduling order)

Perhaps this talk of monopolistic behavior rings a bell? That sense of déjà vu is because the U.S. government is also making a similar attempt to challenge Google’s dominance in open web advertising. The outcomes of both trials could be seismic, but the search one is arguably more critical since it’s the foundation of Google’s business. It’s also likely to impact the outcome of the ad tech case, which won’t start until some time next year at the earliest. 

Whether Google

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AGCO to prohibit use of athletes in online gaming advertising, marketing activities in Ontario

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has updated the Registrar’s Standards for online gaming, prohibiting the utilization of athletes in online gaming advertising and marketing activities. The regulator is also restricting the use of celebrities “who would likely be expected to appeal to minors.”

These changes come as a response to growing concerns about the potential adverse effects such promotions might have on underage individuals. The updated standards are set to take effect on February 28, 2024, and follow the first year of Ontario’s regulated iGaming market.

During this period, the AGCO identified several instances where athletes and celebrities were employed in iGaming advertising. The Commission recognized these approaches as potential hazards, particularly to those who are not of legal gambling age, which prompted the regulatory adjustments.

The AGCO’s decision to tighten restrictions on athlete and celebrity endorsements followed comprehensive consultations conducted in April 2023. Stakeholders from various domains, including mental health organizations, public health experts, responsible gambling advocates, gaming operators, broadcasting firms, marketing agencies, and the public, all weighed in on the policy update.

In light of the feedback received during these consultations, the AGCO determined that prohibiting the use of athletes, except for advocating responsible gambling practices, and imposing limitations on celebrities, role models, social media influencers, entertainers, cartoon characters, and symbols that could have an appeal to minors, was crucial to safeguarding young individuals from potentially harmful content.

Tom Mungham, Registrar and CEO of AGCO, underscored the considerable influence athletes and celebrities have on children and youth. Mungham noted: “Children and youth are heavily influenced by the athletes and celebrities they look up to. We’re therefore increasing measures to protect Ontario’s youth by disallowing the use of these influential figures to promote online betting in Ontario.”

In addition

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Ontario bans use of pro athletes to advertise, market online sports betting

Ontario announced Tuesday that the province will ban the use of athletes in advertising for online gambling, while also strengthening standards to restrict the use of celebrities who the government says might appeal to minors. 

But advocates, the Opposition NDP and a Canadian senator who has called for stricter regulations in the sector say that while the ban is welcome, it doesn’t go far enough to protect those who are most vulnerable to gambling addictions. 

Advocates and academics have raised concerns about the inundation of sports betting advertising seen in the province since Ontario opened up to independent online gambling sites last year, and decried the impact those advertisements could have on the health of young people.

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) announced Tuesday it updated the Registrar’s Standards for Internet Gaming to prohibit the use of athletes and said new restrictions will come into effect Feb. 28, 2024.

Hockey legend Wayne Gretzky and current NHL stars Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews are among the athletes who have appeared in ads for gambling sites.

“Children and youth are heavily influenced by the athletes and celebrities they look up to,” Tom Mungham, the AGCO’s registrar and CEO, said in a statement. “We’re therefore increasing measures to protect Ontario’s youth by disallowing the use of these influential figures to promote online betting in Ontario.”

Change comes after consultations with public, experts

In April, the AGCO held consultations on its proposal for the ban and received submissions from a host of stakeholders, including mental-health organizations, gambling experts, gaming operations and the public.

In its report Tuesday, the AGCO said its proposal “comes after significant criticism from advocates, experts and parents about the notable rise of online gambling advertisements, especially during live sports.

“For example, during a 2023 playoff series game

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