Hockey Canada welcomes William Huff Advertising as National Marketing Partner

Haneet Parhar thought she was done with hockey after university, but through coaching, the BFL Female Coach of the Year found her way back to the game

Haneet Parhar didn’t always have hockey in her plans. But for one reason or
another, hockey always found a way back into her life. And for that, Parhar
is forever grateful for the opportunities she’s had through the game.

Her passion for giving back to the sport that gave her so much has led to
her being honoured as the BFL Female Coach of the Year in the High
Performance category.

“There’s been so many times in my life where I’ve told myself ‘This is it, I
don’t know if I’ll ever go back to a rink or pick up my skates,’ and then
boom, I come back to hockey,” Parhar says.

As a student-athlete at the University of British Columbia, there was a lot
of uncertainty if she would even make the Thunderbirds roster. She would
eventually have a very successful U SPORTS career, winning three Canada West
championships, but her time at UBC also kicked off a career in coaching that
she never imagined.

From wanting to just stay involved as an 18-year-old undergrad student,
working as a coach in community rink programs and UBC hockey camps in the
summer, it reminded Parhar of the joy she found in hockey, for herself and
the kids in her programs.

“Doing it throughout my school and varsity career at UBC, I coached at the
recreational level for five-and-a-half years,” she says. “When you start at
that level, I really did it because I loved it. You see the kids smile and
it’s really easy to take away that hardcore style of coaching and do it for
fun. It was a great fit for

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Google and Samsung partner to fix one of Android’s biggest annoyances

One of Android’s biggest annoyances is how different devices handle background services. While Google has a set of guidelines on how background processes should be handled, Android manufacturers tweak their behavior to improve their devices’ battery efficiency. Mostly, this breaks the app’s intended behavior and offers a poor user experience. At I/O 2022, the company revealed its efforts to fix Android’s background app issues. We saw the fruit of those labor with Android 14, which brings several changes for foreground services. Going a step further, Google is announcing a deeper partnership with Samsung to deliver a more consistent experience.


In a post on the Android Developers blog, Google announced it is partnering with Android hardware manufacturers to ensure a consistent and uniform implementation of Android 14’s background APIs. Samsung is the first company to join Google’s efforts, with the benefit of their collaboration bearing fruit once One UI 6.0 drops for Galaxy devices later this year.

Some of the changes to background and foreground services in Android 14 include streamlined background operations, an optimized internal broadcast system, and new Google Play policies to restrict device and network abuse.

In its statement, the Korean giant says starting with One UI 6.0, “foreground services of apps targeting Android 14 will be guaranteed to work as intended so long as they are developed according to Android’s new foreground service API policy.” So, you may not immediately see the benefit of this partnership once One UI 6.0 drops. But as developers update their apps for Android 14, the experience should get a lot better.

Samsung has the dubious honor of the Android manufacturer that aggressively kills background apps on its devices. The situation worsened after Android 11 dropped, leading to delayed notifications, inconsistent

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Is My Partner Cheating? Apps That Hide Text Messages And Phone Calls

AndroidIf your answer to this question is yes, then I will hopefully be able to support you with the tips I give on this hub. For instance, an attack involving a bug in the WiFi, radio, or Bluetooth stacks require becoming physically proximal to the target device. Each Custom URI Schemes (all supported versions of Android) and App Hyperlinks (API 23+) can be used with the library. Employing the infrared-to-Android gateway I presented previously which is based on a fundamental IR receiver circuit (TSOP1738) with out any optics and the IR transmitter hacked into a Thinkway toy, which utilizes low-cost plastic optics, I was able to transmit codes to a distance of about 10 meters (and then obtain the code on the Android device over BLE). The issue is that any such patch would call for a code alter in Android (and some logic to deal with transitioning from the old KDF to the new one particular), and that would break the cross-OEM compatibility of cryptfs.

This will be noticed by utf16_to_utf8_length as a string consisting of two invalid surrogate pairs, requiring bytes of output to encode. To end a call or hang up, pull the telephone away from your face so the screen wakes up, uncover the reduced left center of the screen, and tap it. The spot is roughly amongst the two capacitive buttons on the left and a little more than 1 inch or 2.5 cm above the bottom edge. So now your device is totally safe and every thing that you need to do is just to loosen up and to appreciate all our new games! Android FDE is primarily based on a Linux Kernel subsystem named dm-crypt , which is broadly deployed and researched. I have a Moto Droid overclocked to 1.1 GHz and operating … Read More ...