The latest firmware update for Surface Duo and Duo 2 brings nothing but problems

Surface Duo, closed, with Slim Pen and Surface Earbuds

After releasing the April 2023 firmware update in the middle of May, Microsoft is back with another release for its dual-screen Android smartphones. This time, the May 2023 firmware update has arrived on time. However, the news will not make Surface Duo owners happy: according to multiple reports, the latest firmware adds nothing but a headache.

What is new in the May 2023 firmware update for Surface Duo?

As usual, firmware updates for the first and second-generation Surface Duo bring only general Android security updates. Here are the details:

Surface Duo 1 Surface Duo 2
Update Version 2022.829.13 2023.425.15
What is new The update addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulleting for May 2023.
Extra steps The update does not require any additional steps to install
Known issues
  • The update does not contain officially confirmed issues
  • There are reports from users about the smartphones booting into recovery after applying the update.

Microsoft says the latest firmware for its smartphones has no known issues. Still, some users say their Surface Duos rebooted into recovery mode, prompting them to factory reset before proceeding (others report random reboots for no reason). Luckily, another restart miraculously resolved the bug and allowed the smartphone to boot without losing data.

The bug seems to be randomly affecting the original Surface Duo and its successor, so proceed with installing the latest firmware update at your own risk.

This is not the first weird issue haunting Surface owners this month. Microsoft recently confirmed a problem in Qualcomm’s camera driver that caused integrated cameras to stop working in ARM-powered PCs, such as the Surface Pro X. The company has already issued a temporary fix with a notable side effect: it allegedly lowers the image quality or disables parts of camera features. You can learn more

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Android Auto bugs, issues & problems tracker: Here’s the current status

New updates are being added at the bottom of this story…….

Android Auto has over the recent past experienced rapid growth to become a staple platform for keeping drivers connected to their cars.

Today, you no longer need your phone to call a friend when on the wheel. Android Auto not only lets you communicate with your friend hands-free, but also play music and even navigate through Maps and Waze.

Of course, with every new update to the standalone app, Google strives to add new features, improve existing ones as well as address some annoying bugs, issues and problems faced by users.

But since Google doesn’t make Android Auto-powered cars and only writes the software, at times new feature additions and even bugs/issues that arise require the intervention of the actual car makers.

Keeping track of if and when the various players involved will be addressing a certain bug, issue or problem can be a daunting task. It gets even harder with making follow-ups to issues raised by users.

In this article, though, we’ve simplified it by putting everything you need to know about the current status of Android Auto bugs, issues and problems that have been raised in one place.

As expected, we will regularly update this article with new info whenever there are fresh developments, so be sure to bookmark it so that you don’t miss out.

Click/tap to view older updates

Update 1 (March 17)

11:03 am IST: Google says the issue where audio of media playing on Android Auto comes out through phone speakers instead of car speakers was addressed in the 6.1 update.


11:20 am IST: Google is also rolling out a new Android Auto update to version 6.2 and with it comes the following changes:

• Improved Do Not Disturb functionality.

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Google problems urgent Android warn! Download this vital upgrade NOW

If you have an Android product tucked in your pocket then you require to look at that it truly is entirely up to date with the pretty most recent software program from Google with out delay. The US know-how giant has just announced the launch of an urgent patch which fixes in excess of 60 known challenges with 1 so severe it truly is been specified a “Essential” ranking.

Google claims this most intense flaw could guide to a remote code execution – which in essence means an attacker could put in malicious software program on a product devoid of the person realizing. That could then lead to facts becoming stolen or nasty malware getting extra to a cellular phone.

Outlining a lot more about the bugs, Google said in its safety webpage notes: “The most extreme of these challenges is a crucial safety vulnerability in the Method part that could lead to distant code execution with no extra execution privileges desired. User interaction is not desired for exploitation. The severity assessment is primarily based on the effect that exploiting the vulnerability would quite possibly have on an afflicted device, assuming the platform and service mitigations are turned off for progress functions or if properly bypassed.”

When the March 2023 patch is mounted, an assault will no for a longer period be equipped to just take position which is why it truly is so significant to check for any updates.

Google suggests that all Android companions had been notified of all problems at the very least a thirty day period ahead of it was publicised.

Samsung has by now reacted with the Korean engineering giant releasing an update to its most well-liked gadgets such as the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S21 and new hottest Galaxy S23. Other suppliers will confident

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Google Play begins warning buyers if an app is riddled with problems

What you need to know

  • People have begun seeing Google Play’s new warning about apps with performance problems.
  • This warning will display if other entrepreneurs with an Android model equivalent to yours have expert a rash of problems with an app.
  • If an app’s crash fee is above 8% on any offered cellphone product, each and every owner of that telephone will see a warning to most likely steer them absent till it truly is fixed.

Google seems to have taken more actions to warn its users about applications that just usually are not slicing it.

Mishaal Rahman tweeted about the visual appearance of this new warning about applications that might prevent operating on your phone (by using Android Police). The new warning for buyers is backed up by data that Google has gathered about the specialized functionality of an app on units identical to the 1 you very own.

What’s far more, is that it seems like Google had programs to introduce this new warning procedure for the Enjoy Store back again in Oct. According to an Android Developers Website submit, Google’s quality bar per telephone design was launched thanks to some apps working perfectly good on some Android styles but not on other people. This introduced about a “bad habits threshold” that Google hopes builders will hold their applications less than.

The threshold was set at 8% for the consumer-perceived crash amount and user-perceived ANR fee. Everything over this will bring about the warning about the app on the Perform Retail store, which has started off showing up for some buyers.

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