You can now record a custom alarm sound with Google’s Android clock app

Sometimes you can see a trend coming a mile away and, if there ever was one coming for the technology community, this is surely it.

Google’s Android clock app has long allowed users to add a custom sound to use for alarms and timers on their phones, but the process has been a little annoying. In order to accomplish the task, users were forced to go through a file management system in order to upload the sound for use as an alarm or timer sound.

Thankfully, Google has said, “no more!” Now, users will be able to record whatever sounds they can think of directly into the clock app, unlocking what is sure to be a period of the most creative alarm and timer sounds that have ever graced our ears.

As reported by XDA Developers, the update to the clock app is rolling out now so users should be able to start using the new feature shortly.

With the new feature, you don’t have to go through any hoops, and you can directly record a new alarm or timer sound right within the Clock app. Once the feature rolls out to your device, you’ll see a new Record new option in the Alarm sound and Timer sound settings. Tapping on it will open the Recorder app, allowing you to record a new alarm or timer sound easily.

The report does note, however, that it is likely currently limited mostly to Pixel phones as it uses the Pixel-exclusive Recorder app in order to actually get the audio recording.

Sadly, this feature appears to be limited to Pixel devices, as it relies on the Pixel-exclusive Recorder app. As Mishaal Rahman points out, it seems to send the MediaStore.RECORD_SOUND intent targeting the, which is the package name for the Recorder

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