How to Remove or Replace a Phone’s Glass Screen Protector

What to Know

  • Easiest: Aim a hairdryer on a low setting at the screen for 15 seconds to loosen the adhesive. Pull the protector at one corner and peel the sides.
  • Alternate: Pry up a corner of the protector with a toothpick. Peel it along the side. Slide a credit card into the gap to lift it.
  • Peel the film from the replacement’s sticky side. Align carefully and apply it beginning at one end, squeezing out any bubbles as you go.

This article explains how to remove a phone’s glass screen protector. It also includes information for dry mounting or wet mounting a replacement protector. These instructions apply for most screen protectors on any type of smartphone or tablet, including iPhones and Android devices

How to Remove a Screen Protector

Phone screen protectors last only so long before they need to be replace due to scratchs or cracks. Many users are wary of removing the old screen protector themselves, but the process is simple.

There are two methods for removing the glass screen protector on your phone.

Option 1: the Hands-On Approach

  1. Before you begin, use a hairdryer on a very low setting on your screen for about 15 seconds to loosen the adhesive on the screen protector.

    Don’t overdo it; be gentle and use a low heat setting.

  2. Gently try to lift the screen protector up from each corner using your fingernail. One corner should be loose enough to give you something to work with.

  3. Once a corner is loose, pull gently up from the corner.

  4. Begin peeling the protector up along the sides of the protector. This will keep it stable and help prevent it from breaking apart before you can get it completely off. Go slowly as you do this to keep the screen protector in one

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TheRegisterGoogle rebrands 'android' as 'Android' to remove any doubt about its affiliationsLOGOWATCH Google may have felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to requirements, but the search and ads giant has clearly kept plenty….1 day ago

TheRegisterGoogle rebrands ‘android’ as ‘Android’ to remove any doubt about its
affiliationsLOGOWATCH Google may have felt that 12,000 of its workers were surplus to
requirements, but the search and ads giant has clearly kept plenty….1 day ago
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What is Android System Intelligence? Is it safe to remove?

Android System Intelligence logo on an Android smartphone

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

Your Android phone has a host of system apps and services, all with their own tasks. One such app is Android System Intelligence. Google has chosen to name the app rather broadly and vaguely, and it’s not immediately clear what it is, what it does, and why it needs so many permissions. Here’s what you need to know about the Android System Intelligence app and whether you can remove it from your Android smartphone.


Android System Intelligence is a system app on Android that is responsible for a whole host of smart features, including Live Caption, Live Translate, Now Playing, Smart Auto-rotate, and more. The app can be disabled or uninstalled at the cost of losing these features.


What is Android System Intelligence?

Android System Intelligence Play Store listing

Aamir Siddiqui / Android Authority

Contrary to popular belief, Android System Intelligence isn’t a new app per se. It’s a rebrand of an older app called “Device Personalization Services,” which was launched with Android 9 Pie back in August 2018.

Android System Intelligence, aka Device Personalization Services, enables many “smart” features on our Android smartphones. The app is present on many Android phones that have Google Play Services installed, but a few of the features it enables are Google Pixel specific and are a primary selling feature of Pixel UI.

Google describes Android System Intelligence as:

Android System Intelligence is a system component within Private Compute Core that powers intelligent features across Android while keeping your data private.

In short, Android System Intelligence is a system app that helps make your smartphone “smart.” The name is rather vague and opaque, but that is due to the “miscellaneous” nature of the features it encompasses.

What does Android System Intelligence do?

google pixel 6a now playing

Ryan Haines / Android Authority

But what

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How to remove undesirable apps

Android Car is a practical possibility to make your car’s navigation monitor smarter, many thanks to an intuitive and common interface, as properly as revolutionary applications. It performs with pretty much any telephone, such as our range of the finest spending plan Android handsets, which guarantees you will not have to crack the lender to gain from Android Auto’s intuitive interface.

Like other operating systems, Android may perhaps occur with apps you do not automatically will need or use, cluttering your homescreen uselessly. Nevertheless, there are a number of simple strategies to get rid of these from the Android Car launcher and customise how it appears to be. Read through on to locate out how it’s accomplished.


Taking away Android Vehicle applications from your telephone

While this technique may possibly seem counterintuitive, it operates without necessitating an active relationship with a automobile. If you feel about it, it will make feeling, as it’s most likely more cozy and safe and sound to obtain this from the consolation of your couch than in your car or truck. Making use of this system, you can clear away apps from your launcher and customise the purchase in which they show up. More importantly, you can incorporate a shortcut to contact someone from your make contact with listing or cause an assistant motion, allowing for you to activate it with the contact of a finger while driving.

  1. On your telephone, navigate to your Android Automobile settings. The path might vary dependent on your device’s product and producer.
    • For Samsung handsets, navigate to Settings Related gadgets Android Automobile.
    • For Pixel units, go to Settings Related units Link tastes Android Automobile.
    • If you happen to be unsure, open your telephone settings, tap the look for icon, and
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All the apps you can safely remove from your OnePlus phone

Clear out the bloatware from your new OnePlus phone

OnePlus devices have traditionally had less bloatware than other devices, but they still have plenty of preinstalled apps. While most of these apps are helpful, you may want to uninstall these OnePlus apps if you want a Google-free environment, as OnePlus phones come with most of Google’s apps preinstalled.

Depending on which OnePlus phone you have, the preinstalled apps may vary. We used the newly announced OnePlus 11 here, but you can use this guide as a reference if you have an older model.


How to uninstall apps on a OnePlus phone

If an app shows “Disable” instead of “Uninstall,” that means the app cannot be completely removed from the device. However, disabling it removes the icon from your app drawer and deletes most of its data.

  1. Tap and hold an app.
  2. Tap Uninstall.
  3. Tap Uninstall again on the pop-up window.

You can also tap App Info to delete the app from its dedicated Settings page.

To re-enable a disabled app, head to your Apps page in your OnePlus phone’s Settings app. Find the disabled app and tap Enable to reinstall any necessary files.

What preinstalled apps can I uninstall on my OnePlus phone?

Most of the preinstalled apps on OnePlus phones are Google apps, which are easy to uninstall and replace. However, you need to find a workaround if you uninstall the Play Store app to find new apps.

Some apps listed below may only be disabled, but most can be removed entirely from your device. Other apps not on this list can also be disabled or uninstalled, but removing these apps may cause your device to work incorrectly.


Digital Wellbeing






Calculator (OnePlus)


Clone Phone

YouTube Music

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