Google Play tightens up rules for Android app developers to require testing, increased app review

Google today is announcing strengthened protections for Android developers publishing apps to its Google Play store. The changes are a part of Google’s broader efforts at keeping low-quality and unsafe apps out of its app store and off consumers’ devices, which also recently included the launch of a new real-time app scanning feature to combat malicious apps. Today, the company says it will now require new Android developers with personal accounts to test their app with a minimum of 20 people for at least 2 weeks prior to publication. It additionally plans to increase its investment in the app review processes, warning of potential slowdowns in approvals for a small number of apps as these changes roll out.

According to Google, developers that use its testing tools have, on average, 3 times the amount of app installs and user engagement. That, of course, may not be a factor fully attributable to Google’s tools, but to the developers who would utilize such app testing tools before hitting publish. That is, they’re likely developing higher-quality applications. But now, app testing will no longer be optional for developers with newly created Play Console accounts, says Google.

Without providing an exact timeframe, Google says that new developers with individual accounts (as opposed to new Organization accounts) will be required to test apps with 20 people or more for 2 weeks or longer before publishing to production. The company believes this will help developers identify issues and bugs, and gain user feedback before their app’s launch. It says the requirement will arrive in the Play Console in the “coming days.”

Related to this, Google also plans to invest more heavily in its app review process, which, anecdotally, has long been considered to be less stringent than Apple’s with more reliance on automation over human review.

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Google Pixel 8 Pro review – Powerful Android smartphone with seven years of updates

The optical zoom allows for up to 5x and digital zoom goes up to 30x. Of course, the pure digital zoom isn’t perfect, but compared to those of the competitors, the pictures look really good. Starting from 15x zoom, there is an additional digital view finder. At this zoom level, the electronic image stabilization (EIS) also comes in powerfully. While it initially seems very stable, some smaller movements with the camera are implemented with some delay, which also goes for the Live View. This surely could have been implemented better.

Google advertises many AI functions for the Pixel 8 Pro. We already know the Magic Eraser for photos from the Pixel 7 Pro. Now the smartphone is also able to correct faces in group pictures, so no one will look away or have their eyes closed in the wrong moment anymore. To correct this, the phone will search for other pictures on the device and those created by Top Photo, and you can then simply replace the face. This works really well but also takes quite a while (10 to 15 seconds).

An additional feature is the Magical Editor, which only works when the pictures were first saved in the Google Cloud. There, persons or objects can then be masked specifically, in order to move them to other places, enlarge them, or make them smaller. Most of the time, the automatic selection works fairly well, but sometimes it can also happen that some parts of the person aren’t captured completely. This feature works better and simpler with an iPhone and even without a cloud connection.

With Android 14, Ultra HDR is also used for photos for the first time, so it isn’t an exclusive feature only for Pixel smartphones. The corresponding information for this is added to the picture, allowing

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ChatGPT Android App Review | A decent upgrade from desktop

ChatGPT came to Android users in India in July  [File]

ChatGPT came to Android users in India in July  [File]
| Photo Credit: AP

ChatGPT came to Android users in India in July after OpenAI made the app version of the viral chatbot available to people in more countries. We tried out the app to see if it has improved on the desktop experience.

Design and User Interface

The ChatGPT app brings the chatbot to Android smartphones with a clean chat-based interface and both light and dark modes. The overall operation remains the same: type in your query and wait for an answer to be generated.

The ChatGPT app comes with a microphone icon for voice typing. A side menu allows you to switch between modes, view or change the privacy settings, turn haptic feedback on or off, view your chat history, and select the primary language for voice typing.

With a long press, users may copy text, select it from a new screen, mark responses as good or bad, or regenerate responses.

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According to the Google Play Store, the ChatGPT app for Android does not share data with third parties, but collects data such as users’ location, personal information, messages, app activity, and app info/performance. Data is encrypted in transit and users may request data deletion.

The chat history is synced across devices so users can refer to old conversations and continue from where they left off on desktop.

Screenshot of a ChatGPT app interaction

Screenshot of a ChatGPT app interaction
| Photo Credit:
ChatGPT for Android

User Experience

While the desktop version of ChatGPT saw the answers generated word-by-word, the app is faster and entire paragraphs are quickly generated. However, the app uses strong and ultra-fast haptic feedback for every generated word, which makes the device vibrate. This is uncomfortable

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Promotion returns to depicting gals more often in domestic roles, review finds

Dive Temporary:

  • Fifty-7 % of people in commercials throughout 2021 and 2022 ended up women, even though 43% had been males, in accordance to the “Gender in Marketing 2023 Report” from CreativeX.
  • In 2022, males had been cast in experienced roles 73% much more generally than women as opposed to the past year and 30% additional normally in leadership roles. Females ended up cast 46% more frequently in domestic roles and 3.6% much more generally in loved ones configurations. These developments have been compounded when age and race have been taken into thought.
  • The representation of females in experienced options declined 21% in 2022, while spending on these types of ads fell 35%. The effects suggests gender representation in advertising shifted very last year, with ladies a lot more possible to be cast in domestic or loved ones roles than in the earlier year. 

Dive Insight:

Irrespective of the higher proportion of woman representation in the advertising house, the internet marketing marketplace is even now a extensive way from accurate fairness. Past a change towards portraying gals much more commonly in domestic and spouse and children roles, the amount of females operating in the marketplace fell 24% in between 2021 and 2022, in accordance to She Runs It. The reduction of girls personnel in the space could be partly liable for the decreased illustration of girls in the expert location across promoting categories.

Even though professional options total had been utilised a lot less routinely very last year — possibly for the reason that of the growth of operate-from-residence and hybrid operating — there was even now a crystal clear change in gender representation, for every the findings. Of the characters in advertisements revealed in experienced configurations, 61% had been girls in 2021. By 2022, that amount dropped to

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