Google Pay in the US is shutting down in June

Google Wallet was the company’s first attempt at enabling money transfers on Android with the Nexus S 4G, and no matter how many apps Google launches, it will seemingly always be around. Google Pay tried to replace both Google Wallet and Android Pay a few years ago, but in a few months, Google Pay will be gone, with Google Wallet back on top.

Android Pay popped up in 2015 as a temporary tap-to-pay king, while Google Wallet was recast as a Cash App / Venmo rival, but even when Google changed its mind and combined them, it couldn’t keep itself from messing with the formula again and again.

Google Pay (2020).
Image: Google

What’s left of Google Pay is apparently now superfluous, so after June 4th, 2024, it’s fading out and taking its peer-to-peer payment features with it (at least in the US, anyway). If you have funds still tied up in Google Pay, you should remove them while you still have a chance — unless you think Google might change its mind again.

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Google Assistant Driving Mode is shutting down

Strings within the Google app already pointed to the now-official February shutdown


  • Google Assistant Driving Mode will be shutting down in February, as indicated by a new banner on the home screen.
  • The exact date of the shutdown is unclear, but it is expected to happen later in the month.
  • Other parts of Driving Mode, such as music controls, may remain intact despite the shutdown.

Google Assistant lost more than a dozen features this January, but Google isn’t done picking its former flagship product apart. As previously revealed in strings hidden within the Google app, Google Assistant Driving Mode is shutting down in February this year. The company is rolling out a banner to the Driving Mode home screen that states as much.

As spotted by our regular tipster Samarth, Google Assistant Driving Mode’s familiar home screen now shows a new banner at the bottom, stating, “This view is going away in February.” For now, it’s possible to dismiss it by tapping on the x button within it. There are no further information available in the banner, with no link leading to a more detailed explanation.

The wording makes it unclear when exactly Assistant Driving Mode is going to be deprecated. It could be shut down as soon as February 1, though if that was the plan, the company would likely have started showing the banner much earlier. With that in mind, we suspect that Driving Mode will sunset sometime later in the month. Given that the banner only appears on the home screen of Driving Mode, it’s possible that other parts will remain intact, like music controls.

The Google Assistant Driving Mode home screen can be accessed by starting car navigation in Google Maps and then hitting the four squares button in the bottom right corner, as described

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Google confirms ideas for the following services it can be shutting down

Google is notorious for ruthlessly killing expert services it does not deem effective or feasible anymore. Just this winter, the enterprise sunset Stadia, it is higher-profile recreation streaming system that it introduced with much fanfare a handful of a long time earlier. Google just spilled the beans on nevertheless yet another shutdown, nevertheless this 1 could not ring a bell for you. A shutdown discover has just been posted for the Grasshopper application, a Duolingo-like services the firm’s Location 120 team made to enable you discover how to code.


As one particular of our tipsters noticed, a new banner has appeared at the top of Grasshopper’s household display that reads, “Grasshopper is shutting down on June 15, 2023.” Initially, it looked like the message was posted a little prematurely, and tapping the “Read more” button took you to what appeared to be a placeholder in the Grasshopper assist discussion boards with the issue “Quick exam, make sure you ignore” and the concept “Test submit, must be unlisted.” With a weirdly old publish date of February 24, it absolutely sure appeared like a person was finding all set to make this shutdown announcement, but then the website page wasn’t up to date as supposed to give any even more facts.

It took a few hours for Grasshopper to get its act collectively, and that submit has now been edited to share the service’s formal shutdown announcement. In it, the workforce confirms that the app is getting completely ready to go dim, and just as the banner promised, the important day below is June 15. As soon as that rolls all over, the Grasshopper website application will no more time be obtainable, and end users will no extended be equipped to log in to the

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