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Galaxy AI

Galaxy AI | Image:Samsung

Samsung Galaxy AI: Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event scheduled for January 17 is gearing up to be a major platform for showcasing generative AI on smartphones. While the anticipated Galaxy S24 phones are expected to bring hardware upgrades such as high-resolution cameras and vibrant displays, the primary focus this year appears to be on software innovations, particularly Samsung’s new AI initiatives.

Recently unveiled, Galaxy AI is described as a comprehensive mobile AI experience for Galaxy devices. Although specific details are limited, Samsung indicates that Galaxy AI will drive features related to communication, productivity, and creativity upon its early 2024 launch.

The timing strongly suggests that Galaxy AI will make its debut with the Galaxy S24 line, introducing an AI enhancement not present in its predecessor Galaxy phones. One of the teased Galaxy AI capabilities is the AI Live Translate Call, offering real-time audio and text translations during phone calls made through Samsung’s native calling app. Noteworthy is the on-device processing, ensuring private translations, a departure from cloud-based solutions.

Similar to Bixby

Galaxy AI appears to share similarities with Bixby, Samsung’s six-year-old digital assistant, but with better features. Bixby is expected to continue managing Samsung’s connected home devices, while Galaxy AI takes centre stage as the AI interface for Galaxy phones.

Considering Qualcomm’s AI phone demonstrations and Samsung’s claims regarding the Exynos 2400, generative AI could emerge as a standout feature for Galaxy AI. Drawing inspiration from technologies like ChatGPT, known for creating text, images, video, and more from prompts, Samsung may integrate user-friendly generative AI directly into Galaxy S24 cameras, messaging apps, and other functionalities.

With reports of Apple also exploring generative AI for future products, Samsung seems poised to outpace its biggest rival in introducing impactful on-device generative AI. The full extent of Samsung’s

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Marketing enters its Taylor Swift era: Here’s what the numbers say

Taylor Swift’s star has never shined brighter. From her blockbuster Eras Tour to her recent NFL appearances, the pop star has become a beacon of economic success. Even brands not directly associated with her have felt the benefits from the Swift Army, or attempted to get in on the hype.

Notably, her rumored relationship with Kansas City Chief tight end Travis Kelce has raised the profile of advertising campaigns in which he features significantly. For example, two Campbell Soup ads featuring the tight end drove 287% more engagement than ads not featuring Kelce, according to data shared with Marketing Dive by Edo. After Swift attended a game, ad effectiveness went up 4%.

A Pfizer ad featuring Kelce has been 27% more effective at driving engagement than those without him. Those who saw the Pfizer creative on TV, which depicted the football star getting his COVID-19 booster and flu shot at the same time, were 32% more likely to engage with the brand online after Swift’s first game appearance, according to Edo.

“Her massive fan base is incredibly supportive of brand campaigns and TV programs that feature the artist,” said Kevin Krim, CEO of Edo, in a statement to Marketing Dive. “Now we’re also seeing Swift’s association with other talent, like Travis Kelce, also lift the performance of their ads, at least in the context of the relationship such as during an NFL game that she’s attending.”

With the Eras Tour set to end in November of 2024 and a tour film releasing this month, Swift mania is not likely to be going anywhere anytime soon. Just how long the intensity can hold has yet to be seen. 

Rising tides

The rumored relationship between Swift and Kelce brings together two of the biggest forces in American culture: pop music and the

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